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We are a collective of five women artists living in the Central Highlands of Victoria. We share a common vision for our individual artistic careers and our community. Living in regional Australia affords us a unique perspective on the issues, culture and life outside of the major cities.

Whilst studying visual arts at university we quickly discovered the shared challenges of balancing motherhood, home, work, study and our creative practices. The support we provide each other enables us to overcome these challenges, helping us to realise our individual and collective artistic potential.

As a collective, our work is highly complementary in terms of artistic rigor and professional practice. We have shared values, and similar environmental and social influences and concerns. However our artistic styles, themes of investigation, and mediums are diverse. This makes for dynamic and engaging exhibitions that are purposeful and compelling.

Across the globe the Mother Artist is now widely recognised and celebrated. Locally, living in a region well regarded for its arts, we welcome this support. Our hope is to see increased visibility and success for regional women and mothers in the arts.

We look forward to using our collective voice to exhibit in the future.

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